Attorneys spar over Wilkey Dashcam, Bodycam footage. (2020, July 29). Breaking News –

Charges dropped against woman in baptism lawsuit. (n.d.). | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports.

Criminally indicted Hamilton County deputy Daniel Wilkey faces four more civil lawsuits. (2019, December 16).

Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies face $11 million lawsuit for allegedly forcing woman into late-night baptism. (2019, October 1).

Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy facing fifth lawsuit, second in alleged groping of minors. (2019, November 6).

Kim-Martinez, I. (2019, July 13). NAACP holds press conference on ‘excessive force’ investigation. WTVC.

Lawsuit in groping case amended to correct identity of second Hamilton County deputy. (2019, October 25).

Stack, L. (2019, December 11). Tennessee Sheriff’s deputy indicted on 44 charges, including rape and stalking. The New York Times – Breaking News, World News & Multimedia.

Thomas, K. (2019, July 16). Hamilton Co. excessive force case prompts scrutiny over proper patdown procedures. WTVC.


Video: FLA. LEOs break down door to rescue hostage. (2020, October 2). Police1.

Woman claims deputy in boxer shorts baptized her in Soddy lake after searching her car for drugs. (2019, October 1). Breaking News –

(n.d.). | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports.

WTVC, & Kim-Martinez, I. (2019, July 25). Charges dropped Thursday against man at center of excessive force case. WTVC.

WTVC. (2019, October 1). Lawsuit filed against two Hamilton County deputies in July excessive force case.

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