California AG will review the Vallejo police department after history of fatal shootings. (2020, June 5). NBC News.

City seeking criminal investigation in destruction of evidence. (n.d.).

Elliott, J. (2020, June 5). Kneeling man who raised his hands shot dead by calif. police. Global News.

Exclusive: Man killed by Vallejo police pronounced dead 1 hour after shooting, death announced by department 38.5 hours after shooting. (2020, June 10). ABC7 San Francisco.

Exclusive: Vallejo officer who killed SF man had three prior shootings as a policeman. (2020, June 6). The Mercury News.

Racial profiling: Past, present, and future? (n.d.). American Bar Association.

Sign the petition. (n.d.).

Vallejo PD release video from officer-involved shooting that killed Sean Monterrosa. (2020, July 9). KRON4.

Vallejo: Police body-camera video doesn’t show Sean Monterrosa until after shooting. (2020, July 9). The Mercury News.

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